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Thursday, April 13th, 2006
3:43 pm
it is one of the most distressing feelings ever, knowing that your boyfriend is apart of one of "those" fraternities. No, not a dorky academic one, or the really cheerful ones that throw the cool parties on the weekend. But the exclusive one that has a member or two die or get hurt every year. the kind that inadvertantly tears other interrelations apart, otherwise known to be the "three pillars of relationships" which are school/work, family and romance. sure, they have the brotherhood thing going on, but at the end of the day they are just very good friends who went through the same experience. it seems that pledgeing creates a false feeling of attachment and dedication to the frat. but, every frat goes through that- even mine wants to create a false connection that was never there. i could only imagine what a real frat would entail.

it is easy to fall pray to their "holy image" (i can't find another way to describe it.) a support group for those who feel like they are not being commited enough in life. A new identity for the pervious skin one wants to shed. they want a REASON TO BE the future leaders of america.

"ride or die" as the roughriders motto goes, a close enough mentality for this asian fraternity. It's like waking up and knowing you will always have someone to count on. community. the most important aspect of any frat. however, this one functions like a single organism or a virus infecting the lives of those around it, destorying "bonds" that make the body function properly. they remind me of a bible group, trying to spread their love and commitment but condescending other groups in the process. "God is on my side, all else who don't follow will burn in the firey pits of hell." A one step above another person type deal. Everyone else is just being foolish, bc they don't understand and have yet to see the light of truth. all this spiritual bullshit that makes my stomach groan. people love to eat this shit up. this community-brotherhood-spiritual-connection shit up. Over the past few years i've grown bitter towards religion as a whole, not christianity as some may think. the moments when they think their actions are certified by God and they have a right to belittle their peers. and if one ever has self doubt, it is delt with by "the community." it's kind of surreal if you think about it.

I don't think having something such as a club, or frat, or even an interest group to be bad. However, when "the community" consumes your mind and your original purpose is watered away, that's when i think the line crosses and you're on the other side.
Thursday, February 24th, 2005
4:41 pm
i am frequently embarassed to be greek, as a result of the hazing that occurs, the behaviors that perpetuate it, and the chapters that are left trembling after being built upon such a weakened foundation.

i am also extremely disheartened that so many national offices have such little regard for supporting sisterhood and unity before focusing on profit... when this is often the case, how are we to have faith in their implementation and enforcement of anti-hazing policies??
3:32 pm
if anyone can help with this topic, please comment or e-mail me... brittaful @ aol

"I'd be willing to trade you some sources if you have one that fits the description a
producer friend is looking for - she's looking for someone who hazed or was
hazed dangerously: like had to drink until  he/she passed out, do dagernous
stuff on buildings or cars or the woods, etc.  The key word for her is
dangerous...(!)  The source(s) doesn't/don't have to be Greek - they could
have been hazed for a sports team or the like."

thanks -

Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
3:24 pm

My name is Brittany Turner. I am a student in the MPS in Humanistic and Multicultural Education program at the State University of New York at New Paltz, and a Sigma Delta Tau alumna. For my Social Structure and Change course, I have chosen to do my thesis on hazing, specifically in sororities. I would like to focus on the following:

My research will include:
- specific incidences of hazing
- types of hazing
- the purpose of hazing
- why people encourage (or sustain) hazing
- how hazing specifically effects college women
- evaluating the goals and intentions of hazing
- how to eliminate or modify practices considered hazing

My sources will consist primarily of journal studies, books, articles and interviews, with varying degrees of anonymity (i.e. the individual, organization, school, etc. can all be kept confidential).

The second part of the thesis will consist of an action plan, including a sample new member process that incorporates tradition and education but eliminates hazing. It will (hopefully) encompass the goals intended by hazing practices, without the negative effects.

If anyone is interested in either being interviewed, or offering sample new member processes (either complete, or specific examples, of either hazing practices OR hazing alternatives), it would be greatly appreciated. You can e-mail me at Brittaful@aol.com, or comment if you feel comfortable. I will maintain complete confidentiality, and only include information you specifically permit. Also, if you would like to reccomend any sources, it would also be helpful. :)


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Sunday, September 12th, 2004
2:56 am

A community for sororities and fraternities.
Tuesday, August 3rd, 2004
5:07 pm
cross posted everywhere!
My name is Jeannie and i am the Vice President of House Corp for Alpha Phi, Eta Gamma Chpater at U Akron. I am currently reading that book Pleged and let me just say that if i could punch that girl i would. In all my time being Greek i have never EVER heard such nonsense. Boo on that book.
Saturday, July 17th, 2004
11:22 pm
I read Pledged yesterday, and thought it was quite good (as well as accurate, from my observations and experiences). While I think some of the specific information on rituals was unnecessary, and there were a decent amount of generalizations, I appreciated the re-counting of both personal stories as well as factual information, studies and interviews. I also gained insight as to what a larger greek system is like, as the greek population at my university was relatively small. I think the criticisms that the explanations are true of many groups, however, are also very valid. Overall, though, I was not horribly offended by any of it, and I think it offers important perceptions for greeks to be wary of. If we ignore the negative perceptions, we are unable to work to avoid those behaviors and representations.

On a side note, I am so excited that I have been chosen to act as a local advisor for a chapter in the area. Has anyone done this for a chapter as an alum? Any suggestions/comments/etc? Thanks!

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Sunday, May 23rd, 2004
3:56 pm
Still Laughing
O.K. So I'm reading Pledged: The Secret Life of Sororities & I'm still laughing. Not because these types of behaviors and events don't happen but because they are so over the top, I can't believe people believe & accept this to be the norm everywhere.

Current Mood: amused
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